Yamaha Outboards Service Manual

Yamaha Exciter ll Download. Plugged bowl vent or overflow. The following check list of possible operating troubles and their probable causes will be helpful in keeping your motorcycle in good operating condition. Wiring Check for corroded or loose connections in the charging circuit. Insulation on cables may be cracked or damaged allowing high tension current to short to metal parts.

Restricted oil lines or fittings. Use the troubleshooting tables on the following pages to diagnose and locate problems with malfunctioning or inoperative instruments and gauges. For wire connections at rear of gauges refer to the applicable wiring diagram at the back of this book for further assistance.

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Yamaha Xj Xjs Xjn Download. To purchase a catalog online, please add the product to your cart, fill in the contact form online. Enrichener valve inoperative. Damaged or leaking float assembly. Improper fuel level in float bowl.

Yamaha Brf Bravo Download. More than one of these conditions may be causing the trouble and all should be carefully checked.

Check for a weak or dead battery. Restricted fuel supply tract. Loose wire connection at one of the battery terminals, ignition coil or plug between ignition sensor and module. Plugged slow jet or passages.

Yamaha Outboards

Yamaha Outboard Manual

Yamaha Vta Vxxta Snowmobile Download. These manuals can either be in book format or electronic pdf format, song ek do tin and are not usually provided by the Yamaha manufacturer. Yamaha Xtz Tenere Download. The Yamaha repair manual will also list all of the tools and equipment you will need to maintain and repair the Yamaha outboard motor. Some manuals are more detailed than others.

Spark plug cables in bad condition. Incorrect push rod length. Restricted breather operation.

Check by using an ohmmeter with one lead on the battery ground cable and the other on the regulator ground terminal on left side ground post in front of battery. The repair guide will give you details on every part of the Yamaha motor and will likely be organized into sections. Enrichener valve not seated or leaking. Enrichener system plugged, not properly functioning or improperly operated.

Throttle cables misaligned. Water or dirt in fuel system, carburetor or filter. Excessive carbon deposit on piston head or in combustion chamber. Contaminated or plugged low speed system. Damaged wire or loose connection at battery terminals, ignition coil, or plug between ignition sensor and module.

Dirty or damaged air cleaner element. Loose or plugged main jets or passages. Each section will illustrate a part of the motor with a drawing or photo. Insufficient oil supply or oil not circulating. Low oil pressure caused by oil feed pump not functioning properly or oil passages obstructed.

Yamaha Maintenance Matters A guide for the longevity of your outboard

Yamaha Xv Virago Download. Spark plug gap too close or too wide. Carburetor controls not adjusted correctly. Thus, make sure you have the manual that matches your model, year.

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It compensates for the initial wear that occurs during the life of the outboard motor. Restricted oil return line to pan. Yamaha Vxsxa Mma Snowmobile Download. Still in original plastic wrap, which is torn.


Inlet system air leak faster idling. Valve guides or seals badly worn. In addition, you will save money on major repairs. Vacuum piston malfunction.

Loose or dirty ignition module connector at crankcase. For more information please visit our website.