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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Without something in the Album Artist field, or the part of a compilation field set and the Group Compilations option turned on, the album will break up into separate groups. Or, be able to separate Jazz Fusion from other types of Jazz. In my case it is which members of my family want each particular track, and these values then go on to be used in a set of smart playlists.


Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. The Grouping field ties up with a field labeled Mood or Sub-genre in other media players. Using sub-genres becomes very important when your collection spans multiple styles, and artists who have a variety of styles within their releases.

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There are so many variations regarding style, etc. Did Apple decided to change the sort column to base it on Artist instead of Album Artist? Communities Contact Support. You should still be able to edit unless the file itself is locked. You don't have to fill them all in, at least not if the Artist value is the same for each track, though personally I think it's neater if you do.


When I tried to replace the album artist entry, say with the soloist, the new name is listed out of alphabetic order, in the place where the original tag listed. While you could accomplish this with the Genre field, it can get messy if you have multiple classifications, sometimes even for the same song. Extremely helpful post and link. What do you do for soundtracks? In the iTunes store it used to be used to links the movements of a work together but I don't think that is used any more, and besides, the iTunes player doesn't really work with either.

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If your album has pieces by a number of classical composeres then it is a compilation. Any other thoughts on the differentiation between these two labels? You can use it any way you see fit. This usually isn't the case though, whereas it is in the type of classical album that I was describing. In fact in my view it almost goes the other way around.

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But the iPod won't work like that so I find it best to complete them all. Also, in this case, the sort album is changeable, but not deletable.

Adding all the different album artist fields for each album, as well as the artist field. Is it really necessary to fill all Album Artist fields? The only things I can think of is if someone is playing a cover, work order or if it is a classical album where the artist and composer might differ.

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However, others might be considered alternative pop, and yet others you might call alternative metal, or hard rock. This is a very difficult task, but any insights you might have would be greatly appreciated. While we're at it, I thought I might get your insight into Genres. To override the default behaviour, e.

This works to a certain degree, but is still very difficult, as songs have such subtle variation. Any thoughts on this specific type of event? Yeah, I see what you mean with the sort field. Ideally, you want a system which groups your music of similar style together.

The album artist ought to be filled in for every album, and you could assume the track artist was the same unless told differently. In the end it is down to personal preference.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. You have added a ton of great insights with your posts, and I thank you for sharing that sir. Do you treat soundtracks differently? Generaly I treat soundtracks as compilations but Blade Runner by Vangelis is an obvious exception that comes to mind.

Or will it only recognize artist? However the Album Artist field is not universally supported on iPods so other workarounds may still be required.

In a case like this, they are different and have to be kept different. As I said, I can change it to something else, but not get rid of it completely.

The problem I am experiencing is that the tracks are showing up out of order. This works to a certain degree, but doesn't really separate things on the iPod, deeming it all Rock. So I complete all the fields accordingly. Did this change in a recent version of iTunes? It seems fairly straight forward with anything other than Classical.

Do you know a workaround for the issue that I am describing? Select all tracks, get info. Do you treat them as compilations?