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Jerkass The Warden and Alice, to some different extents. This too can often pop up in episodes. This is only done to save money, as mentioned previously. It also has a more consistent internal continuity despite the usual Negative Continuity taking place. Rather than focusing on just the Warden, each episode centered around a different supporting character.

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Thankfully, the Time Police show up before it happens. Only West Coast Appearance! The centerpiece for an entire episode, during which the Warden peeks into everyone's dreams on suspicion that someone is planning a riot.

The Twins have a eurodance-esque beat every time they're onscreen. Jackknife's briefly seen father looks exactly like grown up Jackknife, with no hair. Also, the Warden to Jailbot. Both genders just want to beat the crap out of each other.

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Updates to this animation are now available Spiralling global temperatures. Visit us, pick up a postcard, free dating india bangalore then donate blood with LifeStream.

After season one, the show started to have much more continuity and even story arcs! Some of these are also combined with various odd events going on in the background during certain scenes. Come nerd out with us and enter a chance to win one of our custom made props! Jared to The Warden in Ghosts.

Step inside the flight deck of your new spaceship where you and you and the entire armada will travel and battle the galaxy as one. Of course, they're not family friendly, just like everything else in Superjail! Have you been hunting for your Princess Peach in all the wrong castles? In need of a Dragon ball hunting partner?

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Join hundreds of fans as they take to the streets of our city. Or not, as that was a lie to get the residents of Superjail to help them escape Hunter. The in-universe equivalent of a fast food hamburger results in the Warden conquering Earth simply because he discovered the concept of franchises.

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Sometimes the only thing consistent in a character will be their general color scheme, and even that can vary. The worlds shown in each of Jackknife's capture sequences, called the Outer Zones, are this especially. She still believes him to be a captain when she kicks him out of their room and doesn't bother demoting him to captivity and inmate coveralls as she had with the Warden, Jared, and the Doctor.

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In other words, it's pretty gory. Some of the inmates qualify. Lord Stingray's mask sometimes acts more like a mask, with his eyes being depicted behind the lenses, or sometimes the lenses are his eyes and his mask is a lot more expressive. Even Jailbot is distracted, as he's busy looking at photos of copy machines. Purple for early years, through blue, green to yellow for most recent years.

Initially, we never really hear who the twins are or why they have Reality Warper powers. The main reason behind almost everything The Twins do. Seen most often with Alice, Jared, The Twins, and some of the inmates, although the Warden though usually more subtly can also display artistic differences.

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Sometimes, there will even be injokes about crew members or the characters themselves placed in a scene. Bringing the best indie scifi, horror, fantasy and fan films to pop culture conventions across the verse!

Many examples, mostly in the insanely detailed backgrounds seen in the intro sequence. Many of these are noted in the entries for the live-action show.