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However, Shirase is actually rather shy and has a problem talking to either. Help improve our database by adding background information here. She is always disappointed in herself about how she wants to do something, but then will let it finish or end without doing anything at all. Sora yori mo Tooi Basho follows the captivating journey of four spirited girls, all in search of something great. When we arrived at that point, I wonder what exactly we thought.

Aketagawa, Jin Sound Director. They have drive, they have passion, and you can feel it emanating from each of them. While they are definitely something strange, the group of four works. Past stormy seas of the roaring forties, furious fifties, and screaming sixties, there exists a wilderness. Hinata hates being ostracized, so in order to become better friends with people, she quickly throws herself into their bosoms.

However, the girls of Sora yori mo really make it work. On an adventure to a place that is incredibly far away.

When she does open her mouth

They are going to have to hold each other for comfort and safety. Since her name is Tamaki Mari, her friends call her Kimari. She hardly has any friends. Despite facing doubt and ridicule from virtually everyone, Shirase is determined to embark on this expedition to search for her mother in a place further than the universe itself. In this thread, you'll find a comprehensive list of anime acquired for simulcast release during the Winter season.

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This is a journey to once again gather the fragments of forgotten emotions that were left behind in the past. She has a very polite way of speaking and is amicable like Mari, but she has a bad habit of thinking that she is unhappy and tends to complain frequently. She wants something more, something fulfilling, and that is when a chance encounter with Shirase aka Antarctica, gives her that something she needs. If not, watching Sora yori mo Tooi Basho will make you want to. Copyrights and trademarks for the music and other promotional materials are held by their respective owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law.

She is friendly

People often let her be the decision-maker, but actually when it comes down to being a leader or at the center of things, she is not a fan. Hanada, Jukki Script, Series Composition. And I think this is like One Piece but without the action or boys. Hinata is brimming with curiosity and detests things that are boring. Hanazawa, Kana Theme Song Performance.

Since her name is Tamaki MariHowever the girls of

Her friends all follow her because she is so amicable. She is friendly and sweet. Normally, we see a group of for girls being moe, acting ridiculous, and having pointless conversations about nothing. When she does open her mouth, she tends to use harsh language and is apt to cause misunderstandings.

Normally we see a