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Aussie duo Empire of the Sun gave us the year's giddiest dance pop anthem with this sunnily stomping, group-sing-along bliss blast. Credit the storytelling chops of this twenty-something Melbourne singer-songwriter, who unspools matter-of-fact tales like barstool revelations.

The Washington Post via Getty Images. Sounds like salvation to us. Her recent struggles lend this adorably blazing ode to lasting love a sweet double meaning. Exhibit A is this comfort-food, Who-flavored jam down, a reminder he was always the classic rock counterbalance to Thurston and Kim's avant-gardening. The career James Brown impersonator became a breakout star in his sixties when he sidelined the adopted persona see the remarkable documentary Soul Of America.

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton. After a rough public split with two key members of the band she founded, Hayley Williams re-booted Paramore by giving its emo-tinged pop metal a crisp, radio-shiny new energy.

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Lorde's songs feel like dispatches from the margins of suburban teen dystopia, game burger time deluxe hanging just on the verge between desire and disavowal. Heatseekers Songs Smooth Jazz Songs.

Top Songs of - Billboard Year End Charts

But really, it's less an indictment than a shared joke. The best Strokes song of the year wasn't on the new Strokes record. This official remix, where Drake does Migos the high honor of stealing their excitable flow. Ferreira's former misadventures in the pop machine lend real-life resonance to this bursting declaration of personal freedom. Lana Del Rey featuring Cedric Gervais.

And the video sets a whole new standard for the erotic exploitation of construction equipment. But then a gospel choir puts its arms around her like early-morning Jehovah's Witnesses on the doorstep, soothes her soul, and takes the jam home. Swedish House Mafia featuring John Martin.

Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera. As joyfully jiggly and deliriously physical as its subject, Major Lazer's twerk-enticer lures its featured guests into some inspired raunch amidst the bottom-heavy heh bass and squiggly synths. The sweet spot between noise and melody is the only place worth being for these L. No girl, not when the music is this tight.

Katie Crutchfield tapped the shaky resolve, red eyes and hot nerves of Cat Power and Liz Phair to make the best kind of sticky, brittle indie-rock. Canadian Albums European Albums defunct. What if, all those years when he seemed so out of sorts, Thom Yorke was really just waiting for someone to ask him to dance? Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly. The reigning king of punchline rap snaps back at intrusive government surveillance really!

The New York art-rockers are at their best when they drop their guard and let it the apocalyptic dance-rock rip. He also brings in Tom Morello, whose guitar helps him rage against the machine. Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Z.

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Shape Created with Sketch. No big shock, except it's a mainstream country song, and a great one. If he's talking to us, we're flattered. Justin Bieber featuring Nicki Minaj.

Calendar Created with Sketch. Ward's uncharacteristically butch electric guitar lines.

Top Songs of - Billboard Year End Charts

Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams. Lists of Billboard Hot top-ten singles.

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Hot Country Songs Country Airplay. This stomping bit of strap-on gender theory rides M. Lil Wayne featuring Future and Drake. Proof that dad-rock can be a verb. This is the greatest hate-rap screed by a deity with dangerously low blood sugar in ages.

He covers a song by the Havalinas, an utterly unknown L. Arrow Created with Sketch.

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Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch. It was this bedroom-rock gem from guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. Piled high with gothy new wave guitar peels, Krautrock drone and death howls of industrial-grade noise, it's his vision of power-pop heaven. Eddie Vedder sings about a fading love with graciousness and nuance that's rare for sky-punching rock, while Mike McCready's solo leans heavenward just the same. List of Billboard number-one singles Billboard Year-End.

List of Billboard Hot top-ten singles in