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The first part is the most romantic, while the second half contains some of the tragic notes. Sad background music royalty free Instrumental sad background music collection. This beautiful song is optimal for a romantic film or documentary. Very calm and quiet beginning develops into a crescendo to the end.

The song is optimal for scoring tragic films and episodes. The most interesting track of the collection. The instrumental piano background track rich with light, sun and able to bring enthusiasm to the listener. Doomed to immortality Free. Soothing chords of violins sound very relaxing.

Sad background music royalty free

The song is easy listening and has some tempo variation, that makes the sound enliven and more susceptible to the human ear. In the second half arrangement complemented by violins. This piano solo track, creating a sad and slightly nostalgic impression.

Meandering between piano pulse and arduous pulls of distorted guitar, the music has a strong dramatic minor key with sparks of emotion in the middle part. The slow melody of violins makes the track really dark, giving the impression of hopelessness and melancholy. The melody has a pronounced sad and tragic character. The main instrument piano with violin and synthetic choir in the background.

Suitable for both video of neutral type, and dramatic films. Soft rhythm complemented by the bright melody in the upper notes of the piano. The live record is full of humanity and sensitivity for maximum impact to the listeners. This tragic and sad background music for movies may be used for home production video, documentary and any other video projects. Calm composition sounding a bit minimalistic.

Bright notes of the piano unsuccessfully trying to resist this, but there is no power over time. This sad and tragic royalty free background music track could be used as an accompaniment to an art house film or a slow dance. The track contains maxim of positive emotions and feeling of delight.

Sad background music royalty free

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During the selection of the final variant, I opted for the chamber version, where I also have violins and a cello. The down-tempo background music track brings feelings of remorse and regret. The world around us is filling with light, heat, and energy. Lingering notes of the violins further reinforce this impression.

Calming, dark and mournful. In other side, fragments, having a different tempo, can be used individually. The song is recorded by live performance, has small variations of tempo that add sensuality to the song.

This piano music reflects the bright and cheerful mood of spring and inspiration. Explore the full background music catalog and free background music list.

The track is most saturated with the tonal variations of the main melody. This composition creates a peaceful, nostalgic and pensive mood.

Slow piano background music

Slow piano background music

Light and at the same time sad piano composition. Music has small variations in tempo making it more lively. Several disturbing piano notes in the ending form a sense of impending tragedy and some tension. Nevertheless, it can be successfully used as a cinematic soundscape. The first part of the composition is a piano solo, which in the middle is complemented by violoncello and violins.

Slowly rolling piano rhythm creates a sense of quiet and calm sea waves. Several more intensive and slower sections are available during this song. It is a beautiful background track to the close of a drama, documentary or a romantic film.

Serenity piano chords in the first part of the track gradually turn into a nostalgic recollection of bygone times, which is created by a violin in the background. Strict piano chords threaded by a murmur of the water. The melody varies with different instruments, namely oboe, flute, and cello. This simple and catchy piano melody flows like a mountain stream.

Piano, strings, and cello. Someone should do is a slow piano track, full of the mood of nostalgia and sadness. Free for download and royalty free slow piano background music for production purposes, best site to e books PowerPoint presentation and personal use. This background track can set you way back in time almost from the first seconds.

Contains some of the uplifting moments, but generally relaxed, and wistful. The sequenced piano phrase, which is the basis of the rhythmic of the track creates the perfect backdrop for a meditative state of consciousness. Repeating entry elements in the final part forms a feeling of incompleteness and expectations for further development. The downtempo composition is airy and lite and can increase sentimental and playful mood. The majestic and mysterious sounds of violins allow using this track as an accompaniment to the saga about vampires or valiant knights of the Middle Ages.

Sad background music royalty free

Royalty Free for production purposes and personal use. The dynamic and soft melody of this song is easy to listen, optimistic and playful.

When performing orchestration, both traditional musical instruments and modern synthesizers were used. The music in the minor key is similar to a traditional pop ballad. The base of the track is a short rhythmic phrase repeated piano. Slow piano composition with a dynamic introductory part.