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Before Reigns, John Cena was placed at the forefront relentlessly. The Bludgen Brothers ended up pinning Daniel Bryan for the win. Reigns has steadily become more and more liked as time has gone on.

Despite tossing so many buff guys over the top rope, Roman Reigns lost the Rumble match to Batista. However, that wasn't the case with Roman Reigns. So what if Reigns continues to be placed on top? As fans for years continued to both boo and cheer Cena, they now appear to do so with Reigns, who, depending on the town, she's dating the gangster movie online can be seen as a hero or a villain.

After the match, Randy Orton came to the ring but then turned heel and kicked Hardy in the nuts as well. He became its team captain, and made twenty-nine tackles for loss, including twelve sacks during this time.

Asuka The deal with this match is that James Ellsworth is suspended up in a cage to keep him from interfering. The match lasted about eight minutes and ended in a shock.

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Jacobs announced that the three had formed a stable called The Age of the Fall. The match went about eight minutes and Corbin pretty much dominated most of it, only to lose when Balor reversed the End of Days into a cradle. The referee saw that Hardy was down, but when Jeff said he wanted to continue, Nakamura hit the Kinsasha and won in four seconds. However, what you probably didn't know is that both are related. The Universal Championship will mean something again once it's off Lesnar, and Reigns is the best person to do that.

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Bobby Lashley This was supposed to be the main event but it was pushed down the card at the last minute. When McIntyre interferes again, the referee kicks him out but he hits one more kick to Rollins, which gives Ziggler his first pin.

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With Raw and Smackdown having two different rosters and with each pay-per-view featuring big matches from both shows, is Reigns ever truly the main star? The match was then even but it ended with Kane tried a Tombstone but his ankle gave out. After he put up a valiant effort, Kane showed up. The following night, number one contender Aries refused to face McGuinness, so Black faced McGuinness instead, but was unsuccessful as the match ended in a time limit draw. One of his targets is Finn Balor, who Corbin claims is too small to be successful.

Ronda Rousey is in the front row watching with a ticket. As expected, all five women were involved in the match with James taking out Natalys and then Rousey jumping the barricade to destroy Mickie and then go after Bliss. Braun Strowman will be getting his shot again at the Universal Championship as he holds the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Ziggler quickly got a fourth pin to take the lead. Shinsuke Nakamura Before the match could start, the referee turned his back and Shinsuke Nakamura kicked Jeff Hardy in the balls.

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This notorious author of The Wrestling Observer never gave The Rock that high a rating during his Raw debut match. It's time the hardcore fans and the naysayers give Reigns a chance.

Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date. After the match, Orton attacked The Authority, but was overpowered, resulting in Rollins performing a Curb Stomp on Orton onto the steel ring steps, putting him out of action. In a matter of a minute, Ziggler got three pins to tie it up. The match went about seven minutes and Almas picked up the win with the La Sombra. Ziggler hit a superkick immediately and gets a second pin and then immediately hits the Zig Zag for the third pin.

The story is that the B-Team is trying to prove that they are serious contenders although they are still booked as comedy wrestlers. The booking saw Cornette set up a judging panel with himself on and one person picked by each competitor, in order for there to be a decisive winner in case of another draw. This is the main event, which is shocking, but it gives these two a chance to show they can deliver. With the announcement earlier tonight that Brock Lesnar has to show up and choose an opponent for SummerSlam or lose his title, the thought is that the winner of this match will get that shot. He finally picked the lock and then got hung upside down when he tried to get out.

The Undertaker does not just lose to anyone, and beating him should lead to a world championship, no matter how long it takes. As a result, Bryan came out alone. He was replaced by Kurt Angle. The match was terrible, with the focus on Ellsworth trying to get out of the cage. Rollins, who only enjoyed a short feud with Lesnar, would be better suited to challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship.

Asuka started to kick the crap out of him until Carmella run up from behind, hit Asuka, and pinned her again. Nia Jax has Natalya out with her. After the match, he escaped an attack by the returning Randy Orton. It also supports new formats which recently Youtube rolled out.