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He sits on the ancestral throne in his village to do justice. India is a country which comprises of rich culture and village life.

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Peddarayudu (1995)

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Pedarayudu dies on knowing that he gave a wrong verdict, avsat and Raja is shown taking the throne. His amazing style and screen presence took the film to a new level. Rest of the cast was adequate and gave the much needed flavor for the film.

Lingaa (2014)

His histrionics shows his experience in dealing any role with ease. Mohan Babu, who is the producer, did not compromise on the rich production values needed for the film. As Telugu films evolved over time, the village and landlord themed films also changed their course. Pedarayudu is one more film which proved Soundarya was an ideal choice for the family oriented stories in Telugu Cinema.

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Pedarayudu Movie

He kills her and makes the villagers believe that Raja has done this. Soundarya also starred in the film. Many films right from the black and white era focused on agriculture, village issues and problems. Ravindra loves his paternal cousin, Bhupathi's Anandaraj daughter.

She does so to save her father, who is in the hands of Bhupathi. Enraged, Paparayudu gives his final verdict before dying to abandon their family, and whoever visits his house will receive the same punishment and also not to share even a glass of water with them. Satyamurthy Story - Erode Sundar.

Raja marries Bharathi Soundarya - city bred daughter of a rich industrialist played by Satyanarayana. Telugu-language films Indian films films Telugu remakes of Tamil films s action films Films scored by Koti.

Dialogue King Saikumar dubbed for Rajnikanth which is another highlight. The director Ravi Raja Pinisetty handled the complex story dealing with family values and justice with utmost care. Satyamurthy dialogues Ravi Raja Pinisetty screenplay. Pedarayudu was followed by many family oriented films from then, which involved justice system and village lifestyle - reviving the indigenous theme in Telugu Cinema. He solves the problems of the villagers and gives the right judgment for their welfare.

Soundarya is very good as the arrogant daughter in law initially but a changed woman later. It was directed by popular Tamil director K. His wife Lakshmi Bhanupriya admires and respects him. It was an Industry Hit then, with record collections.

Bhupathi comes to know of his daughter's love and tries to kill Ravindra, with the help of his goons. He hears all the cases and gives solutions to the people and punishments to the wrongdoers.

Mohan Babu Rajinikanth Soundarya Bhanupriya. Redirected from Peddarayudu.

Pedarayudu Mohan Babu is a kindhearted and disciplined man. She at first never liked Pedarayudu because of his verdicts and attitude and her husband either for being so timid before his brother but later transforms after knowing his greatness from her father.

He has tremendous screen presence in both the lead roles he adorned and gives the aura needed for the film. Another concept of Indian way of living is that of Dharma Justice.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ramani dies in mysterious circumstances and the crime grabs Raja as the culprit. The way he throws the pipe into his mouth to smoke or the way he turns his scarf which means that the judgment is finalized, became a trendsetter for many more films which came later. Tamil super star Rajinikanth appears in an important role in the film.


It is another example of how wonderfully Mohan Babu can deal scenes involving sentiment. Powerful Tale About Rural Justice! Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures. Music by Koti sets the mood and songs were chartbusters during the time of its release.

His brother-in-law Chalapathi Rao shoots him as he is disappointed by his verdict. It also made the audience remember the foundations of our lifestyle and the lifeline which traces back to the village life and morality.