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Onda Italiana Live

So where is all this going? Possibly the Invasion of Normandy took less planning.

General shitiness all around. Marco was there to film it all.

Teleonda is a regional television station in Italy. We were thrilled by our two videographers, one from Sulmona and one from Salem, who have recorded this for posterity. And a just-in-time sense of needing an infusion of good Abruzzese food and wine, beth and daniel dancing on ice dating with a few days in Rome first to get acclimated and to appreciate the slower pace of Sulmona when we arrive. She straddled both our laps and crossed over.

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Consider it a luxury tax on your trip. What if we brought over our two chef friends and did a few cooking classes? Our friends have been wonderful, sending cards and making calls, and installing many hugs on our sad frames. Linda Dini Jenkins Linda Dini Jenkins is a card-carrying Italophile, travel planner, freelance writer, and amateur photographer. We were gobsmacked by the generosity of Pingue, Pelino, Pietrantonj and Sr.

Buon appetito e Buon viaggio! This too shall pass, I know, and a new puppy will help at some point.

And Amalia runs an inn where the kitchen is the centerpiece of the experience. Novelia and Amalia had said yes, and so the gears were set in motion.

Besides, who needs grumpy Gordon Ramsey when you can have two attractive, enthusiastic Italians who are devoted to preserving the traditions of their native region? To bella italia, I suppose. And three classes soon became four.

Travel is her passion, so writing about her travels just comes naturally. It was our job to figure out her mood each day and act accordingly. Dining is an art form, to be savored and enjoyed slowly. Last year, and the year before that, and probably the year before that.

Would Americans go for it? And what traditions they are! She hopes all her travelers find a way to express their joys, surprises, and fears as they travel and gives every traveler a nifty journal to help smooth the way. She seldom answered to any of them. Heck, you might even enjoy it.

People on waiting lists for the one Sunday class. Back again, with an open heart and a suitcase full of piccoli regali for old friends and new. The lobsters never had a chance. Word of mouth grew and we were turning people down every day, right up until the last class. We both hope that you will want to come to Abruzzo with us and share in the magic of this region.

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We were very well trained. Telebari is a private Italian television channel of the South, based in Bari. Was there a germ of an idea here? Maxine always drank in threes.

Jim rolls while Novelia explains John, with Barbara in the background, really getting into it! Like me, my friend gets it.