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Meanwhile, a teenager and his family move back into the city. People said they're bored, disappointed even hate him. Hajime let Kaori go to be with Yuki. Since they had been spending less time together in recent days, Yuki asks Kaori to tutor him for their final math exam and insist that they be alone. He's already received a lot of hate that could bring him down so don't keep adding on.

Saki Yamagishi approaches Kaori on the roof and explains her wish for them to be friends. Nevertheless this shows what a talented actor he is. Yuki's teacher Jun Inoue, passes his test answers around the class as punishment for failing the recent math test. Kaori doesn't refuse the offer and instead tells Saki about her no-talking rule.

Even though Kaori tells Yuki why she doesn't want to become friends, Yuki still wants to become close to her. The female lead was also good. As Miss Beelzebub Likes B. Also we sometimes joke with each other.

Yamazaki Kento, has once again proved why he's more than just a pretty face. While they try to make the most of some beach activities, the weather eventually forces them to take refuge in an arcade. As Winter break begins, Yuki inadvertently runs into Kaori at the bridge much to his surprise and they decide to take a stroll together.

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Anyway I'm really excited to see him acting in this movie. Afterwards a disbelieving Hajime questions the integrity of Yuki and Kaori's friendship. Bandwagons everywhere of mangas and animes.

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Hajime is dating Kaori, but he lets Kaori be friends with Yuki. Just then, Yuki shows up and vents his frustration on Hajime before deciding to reveal Kaori's condition to him.

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They like you as just a friend, which may be even more painful than them not knowing you exist. He's totally cheerful and energetic.

You people are just wasting your time. If you think the movie is not good because of kento, don't need to watch it or just skip his part on the movie. But he makes up for that with how pretty he is. Realizing that his actions only hurt Kaori, Yuki also confesses the same.