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Looks Hot in Those Tights

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Halloween has come and gone, but fishnets are here to stay. Maybe model Jessica White was so fed up with having to dry clean her gowns after getting red lipstick on them that she finally decided to wear a dress in the exact same shade. It made my day just to look at those tight buns. It is awesome when sun is shining so strongly that it goes through thin clothing of leggings.

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Either she had a microscopical thong between her delicious ass cheeks or she didn't even wear underwear. Play fashion critic and weigh in on these polarizing styles. We all Rose McGowan included, apparently know that knees are the most annoying part of the leg to shave.

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While having a hurt hand may not be something to celebrate the author can be happy about the fact that she just landed to stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fishnets come in so many more patterns than the stereotypical large diamond shape.

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It also makes for a smoother transition into the trend, as it is inherently less noticeable and also carries a sweeter style with it. Along those lines, the thickness of the mesh can impact how you pull off the fishnets trend this fall.

Our fears were unfounded, though, because has found a cozy knit version of the popular style, which can be worn even when temps drop. Red is the classiest lip color you can ever opt for.

Not that Holland Roland needs to be concealing any part of her perfect body. If you get a noticeable rip, then you can take it and run with it by ripping or cutting it into a hole you feel looks good, depending entirely on the outfit or style you intend to wear them with.

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This hot blonde is the ultimate proof that girls don't even have to wear something special to look incredible. You do need to get a pedicure.