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Clearly, for mainly dirt riding, the more aggressive knobby style tyres are the first choice. That appears to have been a mistake and so I had a new set sent to Mexico City and replaced them there at km. High guards, narrow seat, wide bars, no fairing, and definitely no bling.

The new aluminum rims with the stainless spokes come as standard and they are built for ultimate durable and strong. The standard tank is too small for the distances between fuel stops in the Outback. There are an easy-pull rack and pinion activated clutch which provides the precise operation and feels. On the weekend dirt it behaves well, with predictable manners in all but the rougher going.

And the brakes add to the mix. The exhaust is quiet for a single cylinder bike and the motor, despite not being an arm-wrencher, does pull quite ably. Plenty of torque, and a superb transmission delivering it to the rear wheel.

This dual purpose bike has the ability to adjust itself according to the situation. The all-new strong aluminum, spoke-style rims carrying tires can handle the rough surfaces and ensure the smooth ride.

In fact I have aWhilst the seat is the most

In fact I have a mutant one in the shed as we speak see footnote for details. Whilst the seat is the most obvious consideration so is the height and bend of the handlebars, the size of the footrests if you ride off-road and the relationship between all of them. Another part that often gets overlooked is to clean and re-grease the rear brake pivot with waterproof grease.

Here is a bike unlike most others in its simplicity and reliability. Once ground down the stand was back to normal.