Seriously, I love you, Matt Smith

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Tony, still affected by Silurian venom, opts to stay behind to be cured, and Nasreen also remains behind to study the earth from below and help improve human-Silurian relations. They are unaware that Ambrose has already killed Alaya because she would not help Tony, whom she had infected with Silurian venom.

Meanwhile, Restac has killed Malohkeh for his betrayal and awakened other members of the warrior caste, intending to stage a coup against Eldane. They believed that the Silurians were also sophisticated and were able to use materials found underground, such as granite and marble. Seriously, I love you, Matt Smith. Meanwhile, Amy and Mo escape from Malokeh's experimentation and Mo discovers his son, Elliot, sedated in a chamber and under observation. Craig feels that the Doctor is competing with him, telling Sophie about orangutans and her future as a way to impress her, when in actuality, the Doctor is just doing what he does.

Aside from the damage, they appear identical. Craig is absolutely crushed that the Doctor is so good at the sport and that Sophie seems so genuinely interested in him. He reaches in and pulls out an object which he wraps in a handkerchief.

But I can imagine how invasive it felt for Craig to show up to work and learn that the Doctor not only gave his presentation, but has now gotten rid of his biggest client. This show is all about the interaction between the Doctor and Craig.

Craig is absolutely crushed that the

This script is not bad in any way, but James Corden is about as perfect of an actor as there could be for the role. Still, after the harrowing last two episodes, full of so much sadness and grief, it was really pleasant to get this story right before the series finale. But all of that is nowhere near as important as Craig Owens. The Doctor knows humanity in a grand, sweeping gesture sort of way.

What a rich, layered, and fantastic character he is. And while I do love when Doctor Who gets bleak, I also think this show has room to be hopefully optimistic.

Aside from the

Eldane, Restac's superior, is called in by Malohkeh and demands a halt to the hostilities. Fearing the worst about whatever was in the flat above him, the Doctor rushes out of his flat, clad only in a towel, his sonic screwdriver in hand.

Which is just the best thing of all time, really. If anything, I believe this story is about the Doctor bringing out the best in other people.