Spread some oil on a plain thali

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Then keep the other puja samagris on it in the right way to give an elegant, decorative, and religious look to it. Make sure there is some space left between the central flower and the ones along the side of the thali. Apply orange color on the central part of the sunflower. Place the puja accessories on the thali.

The festival is also

Place some flower petals on the thali. The light of the candle will be reflected by the mirror, and this will not only add to beauty of the thali but also brighten the room where the puja is performed. Place a diya at the center of the sunflower and light it. Light up the diya and brighten your Diwali celebrations. These poojas are performed using certain unique ingredients and rituals.

Gifting a silver coated pooja thali

Gifting a silver coated pooja thali on such an occasion would be a very auspicious thing to do. The festival is also associated with lights and the illumination of homes and temples with earthen lamps is a common tradition. It needs a lot of patience for arranging the thali decoratively with the necessary items required for the puja. This lovely silver coated pooja thali comes with a wooden swastik to add to its charm as a spiritual gift you can give to the religious minded among your friends and family. Decorate the thali with bits of mirrors and kundan stones of various colors and shapes.

In the Hindu religion, the Om symbol is considered very auspicious. Stick a fancy lace along the border with the help of glue. There are several symbols that are considered auspicious in the Hindu religion.

Place some rose petals in the empty space. Decorate the sacred thali with betel leaves bunch that will add the holy touch to the thali.