Diamond atlanta rapper dating jordin

Diamond atlanta rapper dating jordin

The incident touched him so much that he carved a D. You're telling me to choose up, but I already choose you. Shoutout confusedmuscles for the workout and video Dana is very religious and shares many social media posts with Bible verses.

Known for his roasting comedy he

Kevin Hart definitely, did not like any part of it and took quick action as a response to the roast. The feud was much of drama for the audiences which got him viral over the internet. However, his popularity and series of works naturally point towards an excellent financial stability. His funny vines were shared all over the social media soon enough to claim him as a YouTube personality.

Their split was very messy and Jordin suggested that the singer had cheated on her. When we seek him, we find him and are satisfied. He lost his brother, and thus, he pursued his rapping career for expressing the pain. He never misses the chance to flaunt his affair on his Instagram.

He has a different style of comedy with roasting people out of pop cultures and himself too. He had been dating for over a year with his girlfriend, Jacky Oh. The couple are believed to have been dating since May. His wiki source suggests that he was raised in the house of Adamsville neighborhood. He used to be a class clown creating troubles.

Jordin's new beau

Known for his roasting comedy, he got himself into a social media feud when he made a roast for the comedian, Kevin Hart. Jordin's new beau is a Christian fitness enthusiast, who is also a model. His popularity has achieved its height already as a Vine comedian, and his later movie debut has added more of his fan base. When you're not around it's just bad for my health I'm good on my own, but with you I'm something else.