Devi Chitralekha Ji Bhajan Mp3

Devi Chitralekha Bhajan

Media Video's Audio's Wallpapers Press. In obedience to her guru's will, she is totally engrossed in this pious work. Later on her guru ji spiritual teacher organized first preaching in Tapovan near Vrindavan where katyani devi meditated for years incessantly to get Lord Krishna in the form of her Husband. Here Devi ji is the perfect epitome of above said words.

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Then Ramesh Baba himself blessed Devi ji and praised her. Due to this fact Devi ji has got Brij's all Divine culture spontaneously. Her guru ji once suggested to Devi ji's parents that they would not have to send her for any kind of education to anywhere. In her family her parents and grandparents were already very religious.

In obeisance to his directives she had spoken there for nearly half an hour impeccably and made all the people present their spellbound. Your opinion is important to us!

This holy village comes in the circumference of Aadi Vrindavan. All people were astonished by her stunning performance. But guru ji had full faith in her divine powers. So that other people may lead a life. Also if you have problems or suggestions with download song write me in facebook.

Lots of devotees convey their deep reverence for Devi Ji. World Sankirtan Tour Trust. Thank you for visiting my website.

Devi Chitralekha Bhajan

India, the land of holy people and great soul, remained the birth place of many ascetics since a long time before. She has got devotees across the world. Whatever she has done, is doing and will do in near future, antispyware everything is inspired by divine blessing of God.

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On that day everyone realized that Devi ji could also preach. Then in the last of preaching, Ramesh Baba handed over mike to Devi ji and asked her to say something. After her birth lots of renowned saints and hermits came to her house to get a glimpse of this miraculous girl.

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Chitralekha Bhajan Mp3 Free Download