Mortified, I never ate there again

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After six weeks of dating, I got the call that, after a five-year-long wait to adopt, there was a baby for me. We hung out, talked, and after a while, we decided to go for sushi.

Then he took me to see a movie and cried so hard during several scenes that a year-old boy seated behind us asked him to shut up. My last date started out on the Internet.

If things could not get any worse, he asks if we can pass by a bank machine. We went on twelve dates and he still hadn't kissed me. That was in and we were just married this past October. If you know what you're doing, anything can be romantic.

He arrived at my door with roses and a bottle of wine. Shortly after meeting him, it was obvious that the night would likely go badly. Weird thing was he also sounded like he was at a bar, on Sunday night, after a weekend of heavy drinking - weird. We had known each other at university for three months.

Then he questioned why I cracked the window, despite the fact that it was raining. He must have accidentally pocket dialed me. Both of us walked two feet off the ground for days afterwards. Story continues below advertisement Best part was the girl turned him down. Throughout the evening I receive numerous calls from him and I ignore them all.

He said that if he kissed me he knew he'd want to marry me and he had to make sure it was right. If you don't mind deleting my number and never contacting me again. He is still the same humble, kind man who has unconditional love for me. Needless to say, he was a legend in his own mind. Story continues below advertisement As he drove me home, he broke wind several times.

We went on twelve dates and

Morgan, Toronto I met a guy one weekend on a ski trip and gave him my number. Turns out he was at a bar and turns out he was trying to pick up a girl.