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Nevertheless, I thought I should try and attempt to offer up my advice once and for all - albeit, at the risk of repeating myself. What can I say, they like rigid social codes over here. So instead, you need to find these sort of details out in a roundabout way.

This takes some getting used to. Indeed, I would say that it's rapidly changing for the better.

Whereas we Canadians are

Now, obviously this is a sweeping generalisation and not true of all Scottish men. Sadly, this is where a lot of the action is. This isn't a judgement on a nation - just a mere lifeline for confused North American ladies. In Canada, we usually go to other people's houses to get shit-faced but over here, people go to a pub in order to pay twice as much to shout over loud music.

So this is going to be very blunt because that is just how I am.

Whereas we Canadians are a lot more utilitarian when it comes to words, the Scots are playful and cheeky. If you like the sound of me and can cope with a very tacktile, open minded blind lady, then feel free to message me any time. Eventually all will become clear hopefully. Like to have a laugh, go out get drunk and all that jazz.

You will need to carry out a careful conversation and only when it is hinted at, may you ask someone what they do or openly try to guess. For example, it's not really polite to directly ask someone what they do for a living. Without uttering any words, the server will know who is to be served next, just by making eye contact with thirsty patrons at the bar.

Scottish guys - on the surface- have limited emotions. If the server incorrectly eyes someone who is not next in line for a pint, they will usually shake their head and point at who should be next - if they're a decent human, anyway.

If you like the sound