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Two of these shorts are great, and two of them are just pretty good. And I have found them for you. In the end, it's difficult to determine whether this ambitious starlet's journey takes her to a place that is ultimately more powerful, or ultimately more horrifying. Raw unspools in crazy ways that you really never see coming. It doesn't quite stick the landing, but it's pretty enjoyable while it lasts.

After stumbling upon some strange ritual, two drug addicts flee to a very rural hospital for safety. This dark Korean film about mysterious murders in a small rural village may be on the long side, but it's an incredibly thoughtful tale about xenophobia. This movie is subdued, bizarre, and I ultimately think it adds a deep wrinkle into what we think of as compassion. If you need a harder sell, I'll just mention the warring shaman and assume you'll now check it out immediately.

Homecoming, he made an extremely creepy movie named Clown. And it does it all with no violence and basically no gore.

Here Comes the Devil is my personal favorite hidden Netflix horror movie. The Deaths of Ian Stone add to queue, and let us know what you think.

This dark Korean film about

Nightmare Man add to queue, and let us know what you think. This is me shuddering at my desk.

This list is mostly representative of that, and I think The Mirror really nails that sense of intense proximity that holds the danger so very close to you. Netflix is the obvious first choice.

After stumbling upon some strange