Dating site evaluations

Dating site evaluations

Of course many of the people

For millennia, people seeking to make a buck have claimed that they have unlocked the secrets of romantic compatibility, but none of them ever mustered compelling evidence in support of their claims.

For example, such scholars frequently videotape couples while the two partners discuss certain topics in their marriage, such as a recent conflict or important personal goals. Such scholars also frequently examine the impact of life circumstances, such as unemployment stress, infertility problems, a cancer diagnosis, or an attractive co-worker. Based on the evidence available to date, there is no evidence in support of such claims and plenty of reason to be skeptical of them. To be sure, relationship scientists have discovered a great deal about what makes some relationships more successful than others.

Her research examines

Her research examines a number of issues about close relationships, including sexuality, love, initiation, and attraction. Of course, many of the people in these relationships would have met somebody offline, but some would still be single and searching. Many are lucky, finding life-long love or at least some exciting escapades.