Dating simulator 2 ariane dating

Dating simulator 2 ariane dating

Meanwhile, another casting concern came up. So after a bleaching session, I had her pose for the same magazine cover, and she looked awesome, and she got the role.

Fifth, instead of a story that takes weeks to develop your character and your relationships, it all takes place in a single day. Primarily, I have made some of the pictures, especially the strip club, convenience store, and amusement park, a bit prettier, and decided not to wait a long time to release them. Visual Novels are extremely popular in Japan and to a lesser extent Korea, but they have never caught on in America. Notice as you play out a date with Ariane that you can do quite a lot on the date without even changing the experience value.

Considering her popularity we

Third, an actual plot, with good guys, bad guys, surprising twists, and humor. Also like most popular Japanese Visual Novels, there will be a large number of potential dates. Events in the second category will change how the game introduces things, like Ariane invites you to meet her at the restaurant.

Considering her popularity we figured Lana would be best, but she does not come cheap, so we had to adjust the budget to give her what she wanted. In order to make the consolidation work, the strip club manager in the first date must play the role in the second. If anyone has a better title, I am definitely open to suggestions. She came in for a morning, did some bikini and lingerie modeling for us, then left by lunch time.

Some of these are subject to change. The plan is to not only have side paths for imported good dates with Ariane, but also imported bad dates. Or, they are events likely to occur again in the sequel, like going to the restaurant, going to the night club, or meeting Rebecca.

And yet this is a very unfair scenario to fans of the first Dating Simulator, and that is why I will be introducing a way to port first date scenarios to the sequel. Basically, at the end of every complete date, you are given up to five hexadecimal digits which define your first date experience. Mostly it is because no one has ever created a visual novel to really try to appeal to people outside of Japan.

That way Ariane will be pissed that you slept with her and then never called her again. Casting So the making of the sequel seems to follow exactly like the production of a movie.

In order to make the