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Im very adventurous and willing to try new things. Today, the Dead Rabbit serves specialty cocktails, craft beer, bottled punches, whiskeys, and Irish coffee in a relaxed, intimate parlor. Vintage video games line the walls and give daters tons of things to talk and laugh about. Singles events can also include smaller meetups at bowling alleys, cooking classes, potlucks, and other intimate gatherings. The speakeasy vibe and original cocktails tempt many singles to spend an evening at the Dutch Kills Bar.

If the chemistry is just right, you can exchange numbers and meet for a real date with someone you already know you like. Happy Hours on weekdays help active daters save a few bucks while they share a drink with someone special. New York daters crowd into bars, penthouses, and yachts to mingle with one another for special themed events. You can grab a couple friends, go club hopping, and dance the night away in a sexually charged setting.

People are people and will never

Cloud Rooftop Restaurant and Bar at the Knickerbocker hotel is worth wading through pasty tourists to enjoy a view of the greatest city in the world. You can dive into the dating scene by buying someone a drink or giving a compliment to a stranger in the low-key atmosphere of a bar. Bartenders in this longstanding pub pour liquid gold for thirsty customers. Because, really, a few minutes of conversation is enough to know if you want to keep talking or move on to someone else. That just comes with the territory.

American craft beer flows freely and invites visitors to relax and enjoy themselves. The sawdust-strewn floor in the saloon gives the place an authentic look and feel. Today, the cash-only bar is a popular spot for writers to linger and scrawl literary quotes or references on the walls. New Yorkers thrive in the nightlife, and so many feel right at home in the packed, swaying crowds of a club. The dark and welcoming place is known for hiring masterful bartenders who ensure everyone's having a good time.

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People are people and will never change unless something drastic happens to them. This bar is proud of its history and distinguishes itself as the oldest Irish tavern in New York City.