The tuners work fine for me

Dating indonesian squier guitars

Hi Guys, I have a Korean squire strat which i love. The location of the solder points very close to the circuit board makes them prone to shorting out with me after several soldering efforts to swap pickups.

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Much of the hardware appears to be the same as Mighty Mite parts. The majority of Vintage Modified instruments are available only in right-handed configurations. The tuners work fine for me.

The pots are often dime-sized instead of quarter sized and K instead of K even for single coil guitars, and are split shaft. These models were Fender models and not Squier models. These bundled Affinity guitars are manufactured in Indonesia identified by skunk stripe on neck whereas stand-alone Affinity are manufactured in China identified by no skunk stripe on neck. About the only thing Squier really needs to improve on these is to put in a full size trem block, and hopefully made of steel instead of pot metal. The flexible lever makes them feel flimsy.

By the Vista Series was discontinued. The dime sized ones turn very freely, I like that about them. My experience with the Indonesian Cort products is exclusively with Squier Teles. Better to make those mods separately and in that order, so I don't mistakenly blame the pickups for an undesirable eq or range of tonal control that is caused by the pots. You need to consider these characteristics when replacing pickguards.

Entry-level Affinity Series instruments were straightforward, basic Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision Bass guitars in black, red and white. Folks who want boutique pickups will surely dismiss them though.

But I generally prefer K pots so I usually swap out the switch and pots. The series was discontinued under the Squier name in and moved to Mexico, as guitarists were unwilling to spend such high prices for Squier guitars. In fact, the Classic Vibe line are made in China and they are some of the best Squiers ever built.