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The heroine finds a mound of trash inside. On the way home, she meets the green haired man and he speaks to her enigmatically. However, the good Ukyo cuts himself and goes back to normal.

While Toma leaves for the university, he forgets to lock the cage. The only reason why she was still alive right now was only because of good Ukyo's warnings since he experienced all of those incidents from the previous worlds. Afterward, she awakens in the back room of a cafe, with no memories, as people who seem to know her argue about how to help her. Orion realizes that Ukyo has a split personality.

He tells her that it's an odd request, but he'll grant it. And the scene of him blushing like a dork at the pool and dragging her in so that nobody would see her giant boobies except for him. As he tells her that it was her destiny to die in the building, the window above the doors breaks which makes Ukyo flip to his good side.

At the end, she is seen with five cards appearing to her, she smiles and finally returns to her original world. Kisho Taniyama Ikki has a unique condition that causes women to become enamored with him upon sight. Later in the episode, the heroine is seen standing at the train station in a yukata waiting for Kent.

So anyway he keeps her in this cage, giving her food and letting her out only to use the bathroom or take a shower. To her surprise he grabs her and holds her, muttering about how she couldn't sleep alone. They looked like they were run through some photoshop filter and then added some cheap gradient. The green-haired man appears, but can't reach her in time.

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They then head to her workplace to request a leave of absence. After the firework show was over, Shin asks the Heroine again about dating him. The only way for him to get out is to get your memories back. Having given up on a genuine relationship, he lives the life of a playboy, indulging in the transient pleasures it brings. Finding it locked, Ukyo catches up to her as he shows her that he had the keys.

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At work, her manager's personality is once again different, but Ikki helps the heroine through the day, sparking her memories of him. Ukyo disappears immediately afterward, and Toma comforts the Heroine, offering to let her stay at his home for the night.