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He offered to come kick his ass, I told him no. Finally, to the people that have been in the same position as I'm currently in, or to those that have been in a situation even relatively similar, I have a couple things. But what is true is that the mother was told this by Tracy and that is what the mother should say when she talks to her son. And I let her do what she wants with that information because what I told her is true. In this case the hard thing is, as someone pointed out, the information that Rachel is at this other guy's house is hearsay.

My friend and his sister took me out to dinner to try to get my mind off of everything. He should feel like his mother trusts him to make the right decision about what to do with that information, even if the decision is to do nothing, and to continue seeing the girl.

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Many of you have given me such amazing advice, and you know exactly where I'm coming from. In relationships I'm always afraid I might touch something and break it, something that wouldn't have broke without my interference. Found girlfriend having sex with my roommate. Throwaway, my girlfriend and roommate reddit.

And then his mom should not bring it up again. It's in my safe that I keep in the closet, so I know that she doesn't know about it. Had no contact with either of them.

For anybody else that would like to, pick your favorite charity, and donate, or just do something nice for somebody else, it can have a huge impact on their life. My phone has been blowing up from both of them, I haven't looked at any of the messages or answered any of the calls.

Already made sure she wasn't on my bank accounts. Talking about it isn't always the easiest, and many of you did to try to help an internet stranger, so thank you.