Bass and Guitarlin models

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One pickup, round body shape, bulb peghead, no drone strings. First bridge bass made of aluminum. Sides, neck and bridge blocks were constructed of a Poplar frame, stapled together. Basically a Standard Shorthorn model with vibrato. Participar activamente en algunas distribuciones de un single pickup the most part you throw droving for the leader in for dano models.

This included flame red with black sides, yellow with black sides, bronze with mint green sides, coral red with white sides. First generation lipstick tube pickups have unchromed lipstick tubes.

Higher output lipstick pickups than the originals and the first reissues. This was for new Coral models only.

By bridge base

New Dolphin style peghead. By bridge base used stainless steel bridges. Double cutaway shorthorn body with a round soundhole to be used either acoustically or electrically.

New Dolphin style peghead