Dating you is straightforward

Dating based on birth order and relationships

Firstborns are the organizers and planners in the family, and this usually works well when running a home and family, especially if the other partner is happy to let these tasks go. They might not be able to pursue their own dreams and goals in life because of their accommodating nature. Studies show that they are the most monogamous as well, and with good reason. In both long-term and short-term relationships, you like to go with the flow and you do your best to avoid conflicts. The middle plus the baby is a pretty good match.

Being spontaneous and adventurous is not a firstborn talent, and they can come across as a bit dull to other birth order personalities. For example, washing dishes and laundry can wait. Besides the various factors that affect birth order personality blended families, adoption, age gap, gender, etc.

They might not

The aggressive ones are the natural leaders and perfectionists who want things done their way. There is a downside to some of these orders too. People like Michelle and Barack.

Both power couples are compatible matches based on their birth order. So as we see some of these traits it starts to give you an idea for who may or may not fit well together.

You often do well in long-term relationships and can get into a serious mindset early on. They kind of balance each other out. Most firstborns have a caring, nurturing nature, and they extend the same towards their romantic partners.

Firstborns are the organizers and

They tend to be dominant and controlling in relationships. They are rarely aggressive or bossy, and are happy to let others take the lead. Their sensitive, compromising and accommodating nature makes it necessary for them to help each other develop the assertiveness and self-esteem that are needed for problem-solving. Naturally, this will affect your romantic relationships as well.

Though, sometimes you can be indecisive and rely on your partner to take charge. The first one is first and last borns. Their smooth talking skills may also seem manipulative at times, and they tend to seek out others to take the blame. Every small issue can turn into a power struggle, and there can be a lot of tension. This works very well in romantic relationships, where miscommunication is a major reason for conflict.