But I still felt off-balance

Dating after 25 years of marriage

Be natural honest

Perhaps my situation is too daunting. Being happily married is not the same thing as being happy all the time.

Some chose to live parallel lives with no further connection, others live in separate states and residences, and still, others pick divorce. Sex was the one area of our marriage that stayed good the longest. And then, of course, we're now looking at the aging of the boomers. On Match, dating profiles are very detailed.

Be natural, honest and spontaneous. Only, instead of texting racy photos of myself, apparently, I send pictures of homemade soup. Come and meet singles near you at one of our vibrant and informal Match nights. In doing these things i made more friends and when someone asked me out - I went.

The date ends with a peck on the cheek. Most couples will agree that their personalities are different and even clash.

Don't give out personal info at first, write to them, talk on phone and then finally meet them in a public place. Half an hour later my phone buzzes with a text. Felt kind of like I had lost myself in the marriage so to speak. The joy of texting someone to see how his day is unfolding.

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