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It's been a wakeup call for the big boned year-old. And far from hiding their heft, female Sumos seem to embrace it. That's some serious dedication. Far from being ashamed of their bodies, they proudly flaunt them. Basically, they do everything you're told not to do if you're trying to maintain your weight or lose some pounds.

But it's not his weight at this point that's so impressive. Until you see a guy who is not tipping the scales at the industry average of about pounds. Try some chanko-nabe Shutterstock If you really want to eat like a sumo wrestler, there's one dish you have to try. How sumo wrestlers are heavy without suffering the ill effects of obesity Getty Images No one can argue the fact that a sumo wrestler is a heavy, heavy person. And I do like the idea that female Sumos, while bulky, are fit and in shape.

But the road since late has been nothing short of rocky for him. We don't all have to enter a Sumo ring but the workout and its goals are within reach for many women.

Sumo wrestlers store their weight differently than the rest of us, packing on the extra weight immediately under their skin instead of deeper inside their bodies. For me this was a revelation. Basically, it's all down to exercise. It's the same with other large female athletes.

Pack on the rice Shutterstock Byambajav Ulambayar told Grub Street that rice is another key part of the sumo wrestler diet, and they eat bowls and bowls of it at a time. And in order for it to be considered as an official Olympic contender, it must include both a male and female division. After this super-surprising win, he was accepted into the semi-secret and super-structured Naruto stable at the all-too-delicate weight of less than pounds. They also say there are a ton of legitimately delicious options when it comes to getting authentic chanko-nabe, especially in places like Hananomai Ryogoku Kokugikanmae Ten. This is fascinating to me.

Water and green tea are

In order to help keep weight on, sumo wrestlers skip breakfast in spite of getting up early. And the majority of fans agree. Of course, sumo can be a very hot and sweaty roller coaster ride of ups and definite downs. Email I admit to being slightly obsessed with the whole Marie Claire situation that took place a couple of weeks ago. It's easier said than done, as there's also a ton of physical training, exercise, and calorie-burning.

They are the very definition of grace and sport. On competition days, sumo wrestlers will only eat chicken chanko-nabe, and it's not for nutritional reasons. Hands and feet would make four legs, and that would mean a loss.

This might be the easiest part of the entire routine to get on board with. Water and green tea are a must Shutterstock Hydration is key to the sumo wrestler's diet, because in between all that eating are some seriously grueling training sessions. My point isn't that we should all be snubbing the professionally skinny and embracing female Sumos as the new and only fashion icon. It's the fact that they asked him to join in the first place. Rice is a part of that from the beginning, and boys like Seiya Kato average six bowls of rice a day before they've even become teenagers.

That's not to say they don't indulge, though, and Ulambayar also says beer is one of the must-have loves of almost any sumo wrestler. Because ancient Sumo protocol considers women unclean, they are not allowed to so much as stick a toe into the raised dirt mound of the professional Sumo ring.

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