And they never just stop seeing me

Dating a overweight man

It really has nothing to do with them lacking confidence or being indifferent to their health or having a passive lifestyle. They are hard working and all but I need motivation to get out of the house and go for a walk or exercise.

But sometimes, you can have the luxury of imaging the type you really would like to be with. To me though it sounds like you may be more physically repulsed by fat man than how they behave. There are A-holes in all categories no matter how their physique is. So date men you like looking at.

This is a very superficial and perfectly legitimate reason to not date them if you accept that you are limiting your options. We never went beyond friends for that reason, but he did try to get me to be his gf.

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That is only partially due to physical attributes, but I have found that people who take care of themselves generally have higher self esteem and seem to be happier overall. You need to limit your search to what you are ok with, height, weight, education, etc. Focus on yourself and do what makes you happy in general. It is the first concern I have.

So, he has convinced himself that being single is better and has built up that wall. Oh and he is always complimenting me, even though he is insecure at times about himself.

All of which may be untrue because everyone is different. They sound like a lot of negative, selfish energy. Looks boost chemistry and chemistry either plateaus or goes down long-term. As long as they keep fit and healthy.

Not matter why type of body type. This is something David discusses early and wants to ensure that you do not waste your time. However try no to generalize them.

If they are repelling you, must have done with other women too. Very high level of self esteem and confidence without being cocky. Now on the other side of the spectrum, he might so insecure about himself that he is displaying those negative characteristics. My only concern is that I feel I have to make an extra special effort to stay fit slim and healthy myself.

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