It would scare anyone off

Dating a guy who has been single for a long time

You can't focus on how single you are. Sometimes she's really embarrassing to be around. She is extremely impatient with other people and their thoughts and emotions but also incredibly sensitive and takes any disagreement extremely personally. She can be extremely narrow-minded, judgmental and rude and she thinks that comes across as cool and discerning. It's fine to complain sometimes and to take issue with the way certain things are in the world.

But being negative about anything is going to make it hard to find people who really want to be around you all the time. But since it doesn't happen, she becomes more worried and hesitant, which feeds into her shyness. They act like they're okay with keeping it casual when really they want a relationship, then they wonder why things didn't get more serious. So the pretend girlfriends are really the only thing keeping me going.

They don't put themselves out

Learn to love yourself before you like someone else. There is such a thing as having standards that are too high. The only difference is that there isn't going to anything intimate going on, but that doesn't me he's not thinking about it. When I decided it wasn't a problem with me, it stopped being a problem at all.

Extreme lack of confidence and inability to listen to reason. You need to show people that you're open to getting to know them - you also need to actually be open.

Not being honest with herself

They don't put themselves out there. Not being honest with herself or guys about what she wants. Personally I really want to be in a relationship but women aren't attracted to me. Sometimes, though, we are doing something that could be hurting us without even realizing it, and sometimes we need someone to point that out.

Every conversation must revolve around her complaints. Learn how to let go for yourself.

But they are probably shy or don't want a real girlfriend at that time but enjoy my company. Holding onto a dude from the past will make it very difficult to move on to someone new. Her standards are too high.

When I got more confident is also when I got happy being single. It is hard for her to be vulnerable and vulnerability is important for forming connections with people. She's never been in a relationship but has these very specific ideas of the person she wants and won't go out side of that. At one point I was trying to play wing woman but I just gave up.