Be natural, honest and spontaneous

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Russian girls aren't all that poor anymore, and if they seriously want to leave Russia, they know that posting cheap pics will only attract cheap guys. They're hardly likely to send a half-naked photo to a virtual stranger on the internet. Read our advice articles to make your profile as attractive as possible and find tips on how to break the ice.

Profiles are moderated and your personal data is protected. Come and meet other singles at our Match evenings and activities. You could be an axe murderer for all she knows.

She doesn't really know you. It's often the reason that they're looking for a partner.

Respectability is very important to most Russian women especially Moscow career girls. Real Russian girls are rarely so bold as to write to you first. Actually, the normal way to meet a Russian girl is to visit her in her city first. Be natural, honest and spontaneous. Even poor Russian girls can't do without one, they're much cheaper than in Europe and a Megafon telephone card doesn't cost that much either.

You're really writing to aBye bye routine

Bye bye routine, hello surprise. You're really writing to a sleazy Russian guy sitting in a smoky room in Yoshkar Ola, with a bunch of other sleazy guys spamming indiscriminately on laptops.

On Match, dating profiles are very detailed. Most real Russians use mail. Trust and safety Ensuring the safety of our clients is our top priority.

Don't let your ego, kind heart, loneliness or lust pull the wool over your eyes. In fact, it's the only thing you need to do really. Anyway, no respectable Russian girl would ask directly for money, but might accept some if you insisted. They will often reply to your mails, but rarely take the initiative.

You should be able to call her whenever you want. Most Russian girls outside Moscow and St Petersburg are quite poor, and immigration control would consider them an overstay risk. Describe your ideal match in one sentence. Plus, if they're looking for a partner, they generally prefer him to be Russian speaking and live in Russia.

It's the man who does the chasing in Russia. Anyway, most Russians outside Moscow can hardly speak a word of English. Create an album that reflects your personality.