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It was always a nice process, giving a sense of what I wanted in a video, and then seeing how different music video directors can work with a song and come up with a plot. Also, when I initially started performing, it was all by myself. Because of their love, Diamond Gamer teases them, and their friends aspire to have relationships similar to Xethon and Dan's. It was a really good couple of days for us. The song tells the story of how his parents met, fell in love, and got married.

Dan is part of the Elements of Love and wields the Element of Perfection. It has red stripes in it, and his tail is sort with three red stripes on it. Then when I found out that it glows in the dark, it was a bit of a no-brainer, then I bought it and now I wear it all the time. Soon after the music video came out where Dan Smith shaves his head.

For me, being such a big fan, I was so very lucky to meet him, and he was super chilled out, and funny and incredibly friendly, and it was quite a nice experience. He has a quirky edge to him that all fans of the band Bastille love. Smith is polite and eager to help.

He continued his studies at University of Leeds, where he studied English Literature. Wood and Smith then regularly met up and played together for roughly a year. He writes and arranges all of Bastille's songs, apart from remixes and covers, and worked with friend Mark Crew to produce Bad Blood. Each video was very fun to make.

We have an appreciation but a healthy distance from it, if that makes sense. Smith did not achieve mainstream success in his solo career but continued writing songs both alone and with his close friend and roommate Ralph Pelleymounter of the band To Kill a King. With that comes a calendar chock-a-block with touring and promotion engagements. When it came to recording it for the album, we got the guys from To Kill A King to come in and beef it out and it became this big killer chant thing.

The audience were in control of an interactive dance floor and able to direct the visual experience at the gig. The gigs themselves were really fun, the crowds were wicked.

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Well, I get nervous, but with things you do every day, you sort of get used to them. Audiences sought them out despite the band barely making a ripple in the mainstream media. Instead, we use things like layered vocals, string arrangements, interesting beats and electronic sounds to achieve the same effect in surprising ways.

The gigs themselves were

Dan constantly asked Kyle if he would join the band. Due to his career, he spends most of his time away from home. Becoming a band has, Smith explains, given him confidence and helped share the load. You mentioned that, as a teenager, you were shy about performing music in front of other people.

The prize included a gig, which he performed solo. There is evident camaraderie between them. It hit upon the Lynch-ian visual references that I like.