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Decisions are not reached at meetings. Muslims might visit Christian churches to pray and offer votive offerings to Christian saints. In the Ottomans destroyed Limassol and so fearing the worst, the Venetians also fortified Famagusta and Kyrenia. During the holy month of Ramadan all Muslims must fast from dawn to dusk and are only permitted to work six hours per day.

Among certain obligations for Muslims are to pray five times a day - at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and evening. Population exchanges led to the creation of two ethnically homogeneous sides, although negotiations for a solution still take place. Contracts are crucial and will be followed to the letter.

In striving to prevent international political recognition of the Turkish Cypriot polity, Greek Cypriots started to employ the official flag of the republic. Interethnic violence had earlier caused the partial separation of the two communities. Do not begin eating until the hostess starts. It means, when God's purpose is to bless you, nobody can say no. Greek Cypriot land was appropriated for the Latin churches after they were established in the major towns on the island.

Decisions are not reached at

The flag of the republic was used more commonly after the separation of the island, but only by Greek Cypriots. People would visit a local healer or spiritual leader of either creed to solve all daily problems, be cured of illnesses, and avoid becoming bewitched. Hierarchical Society Cypriots are extremely respectful of hierarchy, which can be traced through back to their two main religions, Islam in Turkish Cyprus and Greek Orthodox in Greek Cyprus. Both sides have a similar political party structure in terms of left and right. The island appears barren and yellow in the long summertime and greener in the winter, with carob and olive trees along with pine forests on the mountains.

Muslims might visit Christian churches to

Even more widespread commonalities existed with regard to folk religion and medicine. As interethnic strife begun to abate, Greek Cypriots tried to reverse the separatist situation. Who you know can be more important than what you know.

Meetings may be interrupted frequently so be patient. Economic modernization created a more flexible and open society and caused Greek Cypriots to share the concerns and hopes of other secularized West European societies.

It has consistently commanded about a third of the total votes cast in elections during the post-independence period. Under no circumstances should you ever let someone think that you do not trust them, since trust and personal relationships form the cornerstone of business.

Ideally, the parents hope to provide the newlywed couple with a fully furnished house and other basic needs, such as one or two cars. Men should wear dark coloured, conservative business suits. Once a relationship has developed, their loyalty will be to you personally rather than to the company you represent. The initial request should be in writing and may be confirmed by telephone.

It was employed as a state symbol of the Republic of Cyprus, which in practice meant the Greek side. Shake hands with everyone when arriving and leaving. Expect to be offered second and even third helpings. Related to this were changes in settlement patterns.