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An assessment carried out in the fall of revealed that a number of the wooden pieces that decorate the inner cupola were in danger of detaching. Between the rose window and the tympanum, there is a gallery with busts of great Florentine artists.

Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore. Il maggiore sviluppo in altezza del sesto acuto compensava in altezza l'eccezionale sviluppo orizzontale della navata, unificando nella cupola tutti gli spazi. Even in the Middle Ages, they had his image on their coin, the fiorino, the first minted coin in Europe to be accepted as stable international currency. Mounted on the walls above are two putty-encrusted marble cantorie choir lofts. Charity among the founders of Florentine philanthropic institutions, Christ enthroned with Mary and John the Baptist, and Florentine artisans, merchants and humanists.

The synagogue continues to be a center for worship, and as such functions as a living memorial to Jewish cultural heritage in the region. The Opera del Tempio di Firenze, stewards of the Synagogue, are raising funds to carry out emergency repair works on the cupola to secure the integrity of the lavish ornamentation. The pediment above the central portal contains a half-relief by Tito Sarrocchi of Mary enthroned holding a flowered scepter. Prior to this, the tower was directly connected to the cathedral by means of a footbridge. Giuseppe Cassioli sculpted the right hand door.

The synagogue continues

Some of the original sculptures are on display in the Museum Opera del Duomo, behind the cathedral. They illustrate the evolution and salvation of mankind, a theme which is often found on the facades of medieval churches, but is unusual on the facade of a bell tower.

Sulla tavoletta il cielo sopra gli edifici era stato tagliato via, per cui bastava sovrapporre l'immagine dipinta all'immagine reale fino a farle coincidere e calcolare le distanze. Vi informiamo in proposito del fatto che, oltre ai dati che conferirete a Opera espressamente, potranno essere registrati altri dati derivanti dalla Vostra navigazione sul Sito. The original reliefs, which can be seen in the cathedral museum, have been replaced by copies.

The slightly earlier one on the entrance wall is by Luca della Robbia. Agli inizi del secondo decennio del Quattrocento Brunelleschi e Donatello furono chiamati per partecipare alla decorazione delle nicchie di Orsanmichele. They can now be found in the collection of the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, behind the cathedral.

Roman ruins including a monochrome mosaic pavement of what is thought to have been a residence, still lie underneath. Others are now in the Berlin Museum and in the Louvre. They are adorned with scenes from the life of the Madonna. In Christian architecture, the baptistery was so-called because baptisms were to be performed there, quite often meaning it was a separate building from the cathedral.

The face of Nicodemus is a self-portrait, and Michelangelo most likely intended to leave much of the statue group only roughly carved, just as we see it. The first two storeys of the tower are decorated with a series of diamond and hexagonal reliefs from the workshop of Andrea Pisano. Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Unforeseen conservation problems with the apse delayed working on the cupola, but by restoration efforts resumed and were completed.