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But it could have been full

One person found this helpful. But it could have been full length book but it was very good nonetheless.

My second problem was Lila. Lila is home alone for a week while her family is on vacation, and she's just had a fight with her penpal, Lincoln.

She acts like it's the end of the world, or like Lincoln ruined her life when it has nothing to do with her. Even if it was from a couple hundred miles away. Story is about Lila and Lincoln who met on the fateful day when Lincoln's brother Josh died.

Anyway, having broken up with her boyfriend Stephen, and having an argue with Lincoln because she thought he betrayed her because he lied to her, completely devastated her. The tone is very different though.

It was a cute romance and i adored whole letter pen pal thing between Lila and Lincoln. It's much lighter, and actually wanders into ridiculous territory.

His family is in chaos, he lives in constant chaos but he never lost his temper, never shouted, never did anything, just lived his life. This prompts Lila to ask him to stay. But then he screwed it up and he is torn apart because he doesn't know how to fix things between them. Of course, someone has to come and tell her directly who it was, and she and Lincoln go out to get revenge. But this book felt like meeting her all over again - and i have to say - i liked her.

They met at funeral and ever since they started writing letters to each other, because the conversation felt more private that way. Seriously, it's that obvious. Needless to say, they kiss and make up and live happily ever after. Even Natalie is spreading her wings.

One person found this

My first problem with Crossing the Line was Lila and Lincoln's fight. Cute, but everything in between is lame. This novella is beyond silly, and I don't mean funny. And it was all good until Lincoln lied about something that hurt Lila's feelings.