It's Just Not Evenly Distributed

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Starting your date in the iconic museum and winding your way to the picturesque rooftop means enjoying true romance, New York dating style. Now it's even easier to meet singles when and where you can - on the treadmill at the gym, waiting in line at the bodega, or between meetings.

And yet, hardly any true New Yorkers have tried them. Once the population trend was reversed, with rising prospects for rentals and sales, new construction has resumed, but generally for purchasers in higher income brackets. Automating data sets is crucial to making open data sustainable, and we hope the City accelerates its efforts here. We look forward to enabling even more access.

We congratulate the open data team for outlining a detailed framework for public engagement, agency engagement, dataset automation, and ensuring every dataset has a data dictionary. New York's two key demographic features are its population density and cultural diversity. For more information, visit nyc.

We congratulate the

We can help connect you with interesting, relationship-minded New York singles. New York City has a high degree of income variation. Our members are intelligent, single professionals who are looking for a relationship that lasts. It's Just Not Evenly Distributed. As of this year, agencies are required to make commitments to engage their communities using their datasets, beyond just publishing them.

Yet, to stick to the familiar means missing out on some great New York dating opportunities and places to meet singles. Rent control covers only a very small number of rental units. Put the fun back into New York dating. Without a data dictionary, open data is near worthless.

The report can be found here. It also reveals over new datasets that will be added to the Open Data Plan for future release and over unique agency civic engagement commitments. Open Data is here to stay and we are committed to carrying it forward. The Open Data Annual Report for shows the public is heavily using the City's open data, and the City is making solid progress towards fulfilling the Open Data Law. Even in one of the world's biggest cities, home to literally millions of singles, finding love is still really difficult.

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