Pursue Jesus through His Word

Christian girl dating atheist

Christ is the reason they are now accepted and beloved by God the Father. Break off your relationship with this guy. Tell an older, godly woman about your struggle.

If you choose God over this man, God will not love you any more than He already does. One way we can apply this to our lives today is that we should not marry and therefore we should not date or long to date someone who is not wholeheartedly pursuing and delighting in God.

Well, years ago, the apostle Paul wrote to the Christians in Corinth, urging them not to enter into any kind of a close partnership with an unbeliever. An atheist, on the other hand, denies that God even exists.

Well years ago the apostle PaulAn atheist on

Be completely honest with her, and ask her to help hold you accountable. Learn to enjoy Him the way He delights in you. An atheist and a Christian are not compatible. Well if you are an atheist, you will understand me.

Let me be clear about this, though. Pursue Jesus through His Word.