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Well, that could be you, and LoopyLove. This layout permits the use of a longer brake lever, which means more braking force with less effort from the rider. Changing the Chassis Paradigm Given a substantially shorter wheelbase, conventional thinking would change the steering geometry to more conservative figures to add stability. This has made for more agile handling and sharper responsiveness and has taken turning ability and cornering speed up to the next level. Denso hole injectors deliver finely atomized fuel mixture for optimum combustion efficiency and power.

Two springs per intake valve and one spring per exhaust valve, plus direct shim-under-bucket valve actuation, help to ensure optimum high-rpm valve operation and durability. Superior stopping power Braking system features twin four-piston radial-mounted front calipers, dual mm front discs and a single mm rear disc for optimum stopping power.

In this two-piece shock system, the upper shock mount is contained within the swingarm rather than the frame. FlirtBox is a realm of free love. Well the aim of loveandfriends. As the vane moves, it sends oil from one side of the chamber to the other through oil passageways regulated by an electronic solenoid.

The lightweight forged-aluminum pistons incorporate special shot peening for added toughness, and oil jets beneath the pistons provide additional friction reduction and cooling. No part, however small, was overlooked in the process of trimming weight for the desired advantages in performance.

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Tank protection Plastic tank shell cover protects tank and airbox. The shock mounts to the upper part of the swingarm and the lower link, effectively operating independently of swingarm movement. Vertical-piston master-cylinder system produces superior leverage ratio at the front brake lever for higher braking efficiency with excellent feel and controllability. The routing of the exhaust system beneath the tail section helps to improve lean angle. High-tech front end The Showa Big Piston fork features a large damping-oil volume to effectively reduce the hydraulic pressure generated as the fork legs compress and extend.

As vehicle speed slows, the passageways gradually open, reducing the damping effect to virtually undetectable levels at parking-lot speeds. The result is more precise action during the initial stroke and smoother damping action for improved handling, enhanced front-end feedback, and a more solid feel during hard braking. This stabilizes behavior under hard cornering and delivers superb traction and turning ability, plus improved shock absorption and much more consistent damping. The fuel tank cover is shaped to allow the rider to move freely and grip it with arms and knees. Maximum lightweight performance Lightweight stainless steel four-into-one exhaust system features an inline-exhaust valve to control exhaust pressure for maximum performance.

Pivoting aerodynamic mirrors, maintenance-free battery and a one-year, unlimited mileage, freely transferable warranty top off the list. This ensures that precise damping force is generated without delay from the initial phase, resulting in greater smoothness, a more comfortable ride, and greater stability when braking hard.

The cylinder head features angled valve insets to improve airflow. Adjusting the rebound and compression settings has been made easier by consolidating the functions for both on the upper part of the front fork. Transient damping force characteristics are also improved. Focus was placed upon the chassis, with the goal being creation of a bike that offered control and handling far beyond its class.

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