You need to be a licensed breeder

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That you do not want to upset them when you do get to meet each other via video chat or maybe face to face.

It is not something to do unprepared or before learning all the necessary information you'll need to know. During this time they stand rear to rear and can not separate from each other at will.

The decision to breed should be made with great care and only after you have studied and learned much more about breeding, whelping, and caring for pregnant bitches and newborn puppies. There are many, many endangered and rare breeds that are not Kennel Club recognised, and several that are. Do not leave her unattended outside or she and they may find a way to get together.

Never put in specificKeeping the wrong males

The female will not allow a male to mount unless she is ready to conceive. Utilize recent photos of on your own. Do not try to separate them, once the mating is done, they will be able to move apart.

Keeping the wrong males from her during this time is especially difficult without proper facilities. Never put in specific information regarding yourself, especially personal info like address and contact numbers which can be viewed by everyone.

You need to be a licensed breeder. Her scent will have them restless, whiny, and try to get to her.

Figure out whether you intend to meet someone because you intend to date them or to become friends first. Most responsible breeders do not breed the bitch in the first estrous cycle, although it is possible for them to become pregnant during that first season. The internet has created a world beyond what we could possibly comprehend. The qualities to look for is exercise needs, size, grooming and sociability.