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Carlos has a large family and will be greatly missed. Eve vanishes, and her parole officer warns Peter that she could be arrested unless she resurfaces. Peter takes pity on his partner and lets him keep his job. Peter discovers that Kyle is not sterile. Peter and Jane see the tapes of Michael with Audrey.

She forged her way through four months of chemotherapy and then started her teaching career. He had served two years in the Army and had returned to Augusta after visiting Baytown for final processing for discharge from the Army A graduate of Robert E. David Meeker Williams officiating. Purdy was here with loved ones and friends. Ryan and Megan's first date is a disaster, but they later admit their attraction and kiss.

Betty often spoke fondly of her friends at Robert E. Estrada was honorably discharged from the U. She vows to use Eve's past to destroy Peter's reputation. Temporary chief-of-staff Michael promotes Amy to head nurse. Maria was a devoted mother, daughter, grandmother, sister and a treasured friend to many.

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Eve stays on the boat of her former cellmate, Jackie. Amanda is nearly flattened by a delivery truck, and suddenly decides she wants a baby.

They visit a Christmas tree lot, where a former prison guard recognizes Eve. She was preceded in death by her parents, Jack and Jo Jungbluth. Holmes passed away on Sunday afternoon, Dec. He was born in Baytown and was a volunteer with the Peace Corps.

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He also graduated summa cum laude from Denver's metropolitan college, where he earned his bachelor of science degree. Lexi, Amanda and Eve organize a charity Christmas function. Michael and Audrey have a secret rendezvous.

Kyle decides to run away to Boston. She was a graduate of Robert E. Black died in an automobile accident in Augusta, Ga. He was preceded in death by ills father, Dallas B. Guidry, the Hospice physician.

Lexi surprises Megan with a catered Christmas dinner, only to find that she has spent the greater part of three days in bed with Ryan. She worked for several area doctors before moving to geriatric care in area nursing homes. All proceeds will be donated to Youth Education for the Arts.