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Physical and chemical examinations can indicate the use of multiple typewriters, printers, papers or writing instruments in the preparation of a document. If the ink is on paper, the typical method for removing these samples is by the use of a hypodermic needle with the end blunted and sharpened. The plate is then developed in the same mobile phase solvent system as the library standards. The other form can be an extract containing only tags obtained directly from the manufacturer, which can then be dissolved with pyridine and used to spot. One example is, in approximately Bic added an additional bold blue dye to their blue ballpoint formulation.

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This was a single tag was could be extracted with the ink, separated and analyzed with ultra-violet light. The most important characteristic is the ability to adjust the volume dispensed. There are also numerous other examples like the two mentioned. This would have three dye ratios. The strength of the Earth's magnetic field affects the amount of cosmic rays entering the atmosphere.

This is easily accomplished with use of a mechanical spotter by putting the holder back to the same setting used for the first spot made from each vial. Allow the plate to cool to room temperature for a few minutes. Furthermore, different types of plants discriminate differently.

The flood buried a huge amount of carbon, which became coal, oil, etc. For example, six cases were reported by D. In the following real case examples, one can see the manner in which the three thin layer chromatography tests can be used to aid in examinations.

These results should then be photographed using ultra-violet light and color film for presentation at a later time if required. There were many different types of ink used throughout the diary. Curiously, rings formed by polonium decay are often found embedded in crystals without the parent uranium halos. Those involved with unrecorded history gather information in the present and construct stories about the past. Heat and light will cause the tags to dissipate and either be more difficult to view or in some cases not be seen.