Camcorder vs dslr yahoo dating

Camcorder vs dslr yahoo dating

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There may also be issues with specific cameras such as the inability to connect external microphones or manually control the audio levels. Aside from technical issues like recording length limitations, I think for most people it's the ergonomics of the camera. As I mentioned in the other thread, your only option is to shoot long and with a lot of separation between your subject and the background. Take a comparably priced Sony, Nikon or Canon out in the rain and more likely than not you'll ruin the camera. Cameras with larger image sensors will always have an edge in low light performance.

Some people also swear by Sony or Canon camcorders, but I think that for the most part you can expect similar performance from like-priced camcorders from any of those manufacturers.

But that varies from individual camera to camera. So they both can use the same type of external audio devices. Lots of stuff to help you do that but I would worry about that latter. Both offer backwards compatibility comparable to that of Nikon and superior to Canon. Canon, therefore, has limited backwards compatibility.

Nikon has used the same basic lens mount since or so. Here is such a video in the link below. Cameras with small sensors will always have an edge in having a much greater depth of field. Of course none of that is a big deal if the camera is mounted on a tripod. With them, you can often have an entire scene in focus.

Camcorders for film and post production. So if you want shallow depth of field, and best possible low light performance, stay away from camcorders. As you can see, everything is sharp and in focus.

Since almost all cameras these days product h. As far as post production goes, there is really no difference at all. That gives me a lot of video and audio flexibility in post production and results in a far more interesting result.

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