Sookie saves Eric and Russell

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Sookie shoots the white energy out of her hands at Eric, breaking Marnie's spell on him. Sookie rescues Eric, Pam and Bill. Sookie later discovers Bill killed Sookie's uncle Bartlett because of his sexual abuse of her, angering her. Sookie discovers her Gran dead, the victim of a knife attack.

Sookie walks to

Sookie shoots Sandra before Jannalyn kills her. Sookie notices a man watching her from the woods and she and Terry later find wolf prints there. Sookie learns that her blood bond with Eric allows her to detect his feelings and to know his location.

Four werewolves tell Sookie that they will take her to Alcide to identify Warren's body. Using faery powers Sookie was unaware she harboured, she uses her psychic connection to her family to view the scenes of her parents deaths.

Pam suggests several people fight off

The vampires house is burnt down and four bodies are discovered. Sookie is shielded by Eric who sustains a bullet wound. At the Dallas vampires nest, an intruder from the Fellowship of the Sun enters the nest, wrapped in silver chains and bullets, detonates a bomb. Sookie psychically connects to the vampire and she sees Claudine who calls the vampire Warlow and tells him to stay away from Sookie. Eric runs away ashamed but Eric and Sookie soon after kiss.

Pam suggests several people fight off the coven and Pam captures the witch responsible for Eric's memory loss, making her lift the spell. Sookie walks to Bill's house and is attacked. Sookie later psychically sees Warlow who tells her she is next. Sookie ends her relationship with Bill.

Sookie remains comatose after doctors fail to discover her blood type. They find Russell but as they get to him, Alcide is attacked by a wolf. Maryann puts Lafayette under her influence and decides to make Sookie her Maid of Honor at her sacrifice ritual. Sookie finds Eric and in the process discovers Marnie's plan to use Eric to kill Bill at a vampire festival. Bill and Eric strike a deal with Marnie, if they walk into the barrier surrounding the shop which will kill them, Marnie will let Sookie leave.