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The National Matches have been conducted annually on a nationwide basis since except in wartime and involved both civilian and military shooters competing on an equal basis. The area to be checkered is covered by one set of such grooves parallel to each other.

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This is the first book in English, ever written about the Mosin-Nagant. Each model is discussed in detail and illustrated with photos. With custom made shotguns, the fit to the individual shooter is vital, as the shot cloud's impact is largely determined by the way the stock fits the shooter. Checkering tools, showing tiny saw-teeth used to create v-grooves. Parts are differentiated by model and manufacturer, i.

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All markings and codes are explained and tied to models and serial number ranges. All Finnish variations are described and a history of the tiny country's relations with its giant next door neighbor is included to show the derivation of Finland's line of Mosin-Nagants. They may also apply case hardening to low carbon steel parts.

Luftwaffe drilling shotguns, model information. Dozens of charts and illustrations take you through seven manufacturers on three continents and seventy years of production to identify each variation of every single part of the rifle.

Over the years, it has been sporterized for hunting and restored for collecting by thousands of shooters. Butt plates by the various manufacturers are shown in full-size photographs for easy identification.

Its mounting on the rifle and sighting in are described in detail. Stratton shows you how to determine which parts are correct for each manufacturer and each period of manufacture. How do you know that it is an original and authentic U. Using these methods, the pistolsmith can build highly accurate firearms that greatly exceed the usual accuracy of standard models of the same model. It provided the Swiss infantryman with eleven shots as fast as he could work the bolt.