If you get hit, you get hit

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In addition there are strict weights on the weight distribution from side to side and front to rear. Other notable multiple winners include Bill Batten four and Dave Brown three. The winner is granted the honour of racing with a silver roof for the following season. The winner is granted the honour of racing with a gold roof and wing until the next World Final. The racing is fast and tough and attracts the cream of Europe's Stock Car talent.

The other main change has been

But, it's business as usual with a sensibly constructed fixture programme and gentle but not radical change as the organisation moves the sport forward by evolution into a new era. That day she used the car of her boyfriend Karl Hawkins, who she competed against in Hotstox, but in Wainman will be racing the former car of Neil Smith, a car that was bought during the winter. In Norfolk, the acclaimed King's Lynn raceway continues where it left off with a full season of events including the World Semi as a prelude to it hosting the World Final. Contact is allowed, and drivers push opponents from the racing line in order to pass. Big fields of cars guarantee none stop action from the drop of the green until the chequered with cars often htting the fence hard and rolling over.

At weekends you go away on touring cars on different teams and become a part of the circuit racing outfit. The south west became a particular stronghold of the sport. Obviously, I had a bit more experience than those who came straight from the Minis.

Driver scores at

The other main change has been to the tyre permitted on the back inside of the car, again to improve spectacle, improve availability and hopefully reduce overall racer costs. Driver scores at every stock car meeting are recorded to create the championship table. Deliberate fencing and following-in is not allowed. He hopes to race at all the Tarmac meetings in the second half of the season.

The lowest grade drivers white start each race at the front of the field, while superstar drivers start each race from the rear of the field. If you get hit, you get hit.