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Bow wow and teairra mari dating

Shad says that he has nothing but love for Keyshia Cole. The minute, we will be getting this happy news that this best of the American rapper is getting married, we will let you know at that time, Now, cross your fingers to hear the wedding date.

Let's find out the girls he has been with here in this column. Bow Wow, was seen driving his car with a white chick on his side.

Bow Wow was seen

He was spotted with West Hollywood in a female companion. Shad says that he knew he wanted to marry Erica when they did Molly in Vegas and they vomited at the same time. Shad says that Yung Berg began posting pics of his baby mother inappropriate pics which caused more problems. Shad says that he doesn't have an issue with Future and that his tweet wasn't about him.

Shad Moss says he doesn't mind being called Bow Wow. Tyra Banks and Bow Wow were open about their affair back when they were together. Shad says that Keyshia is so cool that he could bring her around the homies.

Dollicia Bryan Bow Wow recently ended his relationship with Melody Thornton to be with this new woman. He said that she told him that he would be in it.

Shad says that it was his decision to add Angela Simmons and other co-hosts to the show. Shad says that Ciara wasn't sucking dick when she was a teenager.

Shad says that HitMaka aka Yung Berg doesn't like him because he didn't want to do a song with him. She joked with him about him being taken but thought that he was cute and told him. So, yes this was about the dating background of this American rapper but now he is engaged, he will sooner be getting marries. Shad tried to explain the Bow Wow challenge but doesn't do a great job, especially since's he's lied more than once.

Shad says that he fucked Kim Kardashian when she was Paris Hilton's assistance. Shad says that he liked that Erica liked Strip Clubs, she likes Girls, etc. Shad says he doesn't have an issue with Jhonnie Blaze, but he prefers to hang with her when they're not on camera. Shad says he has a stripper that's he messing with right now. Shad chokes up and can barely answer when Melyssa asks him how big his dick is.

We have been waiting for his news and sooner in the later time, the wedding bells of their marriage will be heard by us. Melyssa says that she just broke up with a man because he wouldn't fuck her as much as she wanted to. The couple is no more together but their combination was Sensual.

Let's find out the girls