Black toe nails in bath - with a sprained ankle

So we will continue to use clay and see how it keeps helping Alex in this journey of recovering from autism. She swiftly spun around degrees, the saddle went sideways and I was slammed down onto the dirt road. Well I started taking Epsom salt, clay half cup each and one tablespoon baking soda baths.

The redness decreased immediately.

Last week, I ran out of my Prevacid, and had a nasty case of heartburn late at night.

This morning, the swelling is down, the blisters are absorbed and the pain is gone.

The clay is amazing andWell I started taking Epsom saltIn August IThis morning the swelling is downThe redness decreased immediately

The wound is healing and I did not have to sacrifice my bank account and relative health to achieve this outcome.

In August I felt a sharp pain in my guts and I know it was my spleen it had been angry for some time and the pain came from the area were the rash had been. They have something in their saliva that makes their bites one of the worst you can get. They have told me to quit taking clay, even though they saw the miracle first hand.

She swiftly spun around degreesWhenever I experience joint pain

Today, all I have is a tiny black dot where apparently the stinger or whatever permeated my skin still remains.

They have told me

Well, I had heard about this green Bentonite clay and its healing powers and I had just received a sample made up in paste form. My bowel movements were quite irregular. Within minutes the pain almost completely subsided.

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Whenever I experience joint pain or muscle pain, I take a clay bath. The clay is amazing and was my only option at the time of the accident. We'll see in about a month.

So we cut back her amount and had many successes. The first thing I noticed was it immediately reduced the swelling and pain. Your staff is incredibly helpful, willing to correspond with consumers and give advice.