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In warmer months, people walk, bike, or ride on the walkways that line the canal, or boat and paddle through the water itself. During winter months, the market moves to another location in the Park, the Aberdeen Pavilion. The topic of events, availability of produce, and livestock presentations vary based on the season in order to demonstrate the actual progression of events that occur on the farm throughout the year. In this covered space, shoppers can peruse the warm stalls where producers and sellers provide locally produced baked goods, cheese, produce, and meats. Sidedoor, Ottawa, Canada Open for lunch and dinner, Sidedoor is a unique and contemporary restaurant that serves eclectic small plates.

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Throughout the summer, daily performances of Changing of the Guard occur at Parliament Hill. Guests are able to tour the grounds of the care centre and learn about bird intervention, avian injury prevention, and safe bird handling techniques. The church is open to the public for guided tours between May and October. Occo Kitchen, Ottawa, Canada Serving lunch and dinner, Occo Kitchen takes a wholesome approach to typical fast food favorites. Today, the Gallery is open to public, and visitors are able to view the art and learn about the process the local artistic community took to secure a platform for their expression.

The headquarters provide the public with a guided tour and access to a boutique gift shop. Additionally, tours provide guests with general information on conversation, rehabilitation, and natural history of local, wild birds, along with history of the Care Centre itself. The Farm also serves as an attraction, and it is open to the public throughout the year for various seasonal events.

The Gallery hosts a permanent collection of varying works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and modern pieces. Paved walking paths, a series of historical interpretive panels, carefully tended gardens, open grass land, and picnic facilities make this park a widely used space. Major attractions on the farm include an arboretum, ornamental gardens, a wildlife garden, and heritage buildings and greenhouses.

Meet locals, Friends, Relationships, Casual Sex. Personals, Friendship, Relationships, Casual Encounters. The British military commissioned this stone house in the early s, and it was used as a treasury and storehouse.

The structures, many of which are open to the public, give visitors a glimpse of historical farming practices, and they highlight the unique architectural features of early farm buildings. Once the private home of two past Canadian Prime Ministers, the home is now a museum, open to the public for guided tours and interpretive learning.

Once the private home of