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They were a very reddish color and looked super thin. She bought hair extensions from this local beauty supply store downtown and raved about how good they were. My cousin is the one who got me started. She gave a shout out to this local hairstylist who does them and I reached out to her to setup and appointment for Kera-Link fused-in hair extensions. Anyway, I knew this girl who had fused-in hair extensions and raved about them.

You get what you pay for and see what you pay for. They claim to adhere flawlessly to your existing hair with clip-ins and create a look of volume and healthy hair. It looks and feels like real hair. Academy Pro Hair These extensions can last between months depending how well you take care of them. At this point, I was kind of fed up with them and wanted to try something new.

You get what you

They came on one long weft so my mom had to cut them to fit my head and sew on extension clips bought separately. This makes it super convenient to choose which pieces you want to put where.

The color match was unbelievably perfect. Bombay Clip-in Hair Extensions bombayhair.

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Eventually they started falling out when I brushed them and my ends would look choppy and stringy. Before we get started, I just wanted to mention a few things. For me, the larger the Gram of hair, the thicker and better. The packaging does not come with instructions on how to use the clip-ins.